I'm Only Me When I'm With Youpic
I'm Only Me When I'm With Youpic
I'm Yours To Have and To Hold,Darling,you've got full control of your puppet:pic
Summer 09' : ignore the bra-strappic

A Cholas Prayer.(:

O Lord bless me and my carnales when we be out makin males.Bless our bloody fists that tend to fight,keep them out of piggies sight.Forgive…
SnookySunshine♥ Oct 13, 2009
Grodayy.haha :Dpic

oh shitt. :O

i kinda feel like no one wants me here :( i understand. and it's ok that you feel that way.i don't even wanna be me…
SnookySunshine♥ Oct 09, 2009
me and haley:pic

me and haley(:

we are beat on nights like these :D

R.I.P. Jacob Hale

R.I.P. Jacob Haleok so today at glencoe i received some news of the suicide of Jacob Hale,beloved son,bff and inspiration to me and all others.                       what…

awwh shitt.

this is so weird...i miss being with someone,maybe not someone in particular,but i miss the feeling of someone hands enter-twined with mine :O awkward huh?…
SnookySunshine♥ Sep 21, 2009

My Last Day Of Summer D:

Ok first day of school tomorrow :O i'm so ready to see my friends (i ran into my bff at albertsons today) hahaha she was…

Whoa!!!! Summer 09'

summer 09' bitches(: "We're crashing cars we used to sharewith summer girls with summer hairwe're making plans for you to startbut the party's busted upbefore it…
SnookySunshine♥ Sep 06, 2009
Summer 09' : ignore the bra-strappic

Summer 09' (: (ignore the bra-strap)

i can't believe summer is over D: i feel like i didn't have enough time this summer.but oh well.the year will zoom by,and then Summer…

Remember This(:

"Lollipops turn into cigarettes.  The innocent ones turn into sluts.  Homework goes in the trash.  Cell phones are being used in class.  Detention becomes suspension.  Soda becomes vodka. Bikes become cars.  Kisses…
SnookySunshine♥ Sep 06, 2009

what is it?

obviously guys like a certain girl,for some certain reason,physically or emotionally.i'm confused :/ why does a guy like a girl?: is it the long wavy hair? it is…

Spanish? :P

oh the confusing language of spanish(: mexicans understand it :D obviously "La verdad no se como estarasO si encontraste en alguien masLo que al final no…

Summer 09' (:

ok so school is right around the corner(: i wanna go back but at the same time i never want the summer to end D…
SnookySunshine♥ Aug 31, 2009
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About Me:

Hey i'm Dezzi,but you can call me Baby Eyes,it's my "gang" name hah (: or Dezzi Baby like everyone else,or whatever you wanna call me :P i'm funny,talkative,short,stubborn,nice,and bitchy..sometimes :D i'm mexican,native-american,french and italian.i listen to almost all kinds of music.

I Attend Glencoe High School.i have anger issues,and i suffer from chronic depression and i'm currently seeing a counselor trying to work through it all.
I'm from Klamath Falls,OR :DDDD i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Taylor Swift


ME! and music and friends and more ME!!!

Favorite Music:

mcr, underoath, the academy is..., drop dead gorgeous, redd tabb, misery's end, cute is what we aim for, from first to last, katy perry, mindless self indulgence, kill hannah, paramore, red jumpsuit apparatus, scary kids scaring kids, saosin, senses fail, we the kings taking back sunday, the cab, the used

Favorite Movies:

interview with a vampire, underworld, odd girl out, sleepover, the notebook

Favorite TV Shows:

gossip girl, one tree hill, paris hilton's my new bff, that 70's show, family guy, full house

Favorite Books:

harry potter, ttfn, etc.